Music & Walking in Scotland

Between 2009 and 2022, Ed and Dorothy led 25 music and walking tours to all parts of Scotland, making use of Ed’s long experience with Scottish music and Dorothy’s experience leading walks throughout the country. Between them there was a depth of knowledge about music, flora, fauna, food, crafts, culture and history. The small groups got a unique chance to experience the best of Scottish musicians in private settings in the context of regular walks full of Scottish culture and history.

Enjoy Ed’s photos and stories from these unique journeys, with some guest posts by Dorothy.

MusicScapes of Scotland

Enjoy chapters from my book MusicScapes of Scotland: Vignettes from Pre-History to Pandemic. These were published over the course of 24 years in Scottish Life magazine, and are now available as a book — but here on Substack you’ll be privy to updates and audio samples as well.


Sporadic posts will include new profiles and interviews, and info about live and online events and recordings involving Scottish music. Some of these will feature members of Highland Soles and its offshoots, including fiddler Ed Pearlman, dancer Laura Scott, and internationally renowned pianist and stepdancer Neil Pearlman, who will add occasional guest posts about his performances, recordings and podcasts.

The Archive

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Author, musician, teacher Writer of fiction and nonfiction; music columnist for Scottish Life magazine 1996-2020; co-leader of music & walking tours of Scotland 2009-2022; fiddle performer and teacher since 1979.