Richard & I were part of a SCD tour group to Scotland in 1991 or '92. Near the end of our tour we were bussed at night to Culzean Castle. Being dark, we saw neither park nor sea. I remember seeing a room with a wall having a fan shaped array of swords. Other than that we saw only the oval staircase & room at the top where we danced. We were filmed marching up the stairs to the dance room & I believe there were at least 2 takes to get it right. When we reached the room we were filmed dancing. There may have only been the one dance - it was Light & Airy. We had musicians with us who were also dancers. I don't remember if they played or danced that night. We were told the video was a Scottish Travel Promotion & that we would see a copy. Not sure we ever did. This is my recollection of a short visit to Culzean Castle! Connie Walker

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